The Kenya Christian Professionals Forum is a forum of professionals from various denominations sharing common values on issues of Life, Family, Governance and religion. The Kenya Christian Professionals was founded after the referendum in 2010.

Our objectives are to:

  • Develop a professional Resource Centre for Churches and Para-church organizations
  • Create a moral voice in Civil Society to contend for the Christian faith and counter secularism
  • Support the development of alternative Media supportive of Christian values in society
  • Influence School Curriculum and Training of the Youth in the support for value creation and equitable human development processes and policies in Kenya
  • Train and equip leaders in support for enactment of moral values in all aspects of leadership in society
  • Influence value-based Legislation, Policy and Governance in society

Achievement of these objectives we are guided by the following tenets.

  • Life: promote a culture of valuing and preserving sanctity of life. Also perform the policy and coordination of pro-life groups in Kenya.
  • Family: promote the Family as a key and fundamental institution in society and protect it from practices, policies, values, legislation that seeks to undermine it.
  • Religion: promote and protect freedom to believe and manifest belief of the Christian faith, freedom of religious practice and religious tolerance, freedom for any religion to establish manage and operate their institutions without undue interference.
  • Governance: seek to work on relevant legislation and stakeholders to promote leadership, good governance and integrity in society.


Utumishi Bora Awards Nomination-01

Kenya Christian Professionals Forum is organizing the Second Utumishi Bora Awards whose main aim is to recognize Christian Professionals who have done exemplary work in different spheres and impacted the society positively while maintaining integrity. Do you know any such person(s)? Nominate them for the 2016 Utumishi Bora awards. We are targeting professionals within Nairobi county.

Download the nomination form, fill it in and send it back to:


Life is a gift from God and it ought to be nurtured and protected at every point so that the baby that is born grows into an adult able contribute towards the greater good of society. If you are passionate about protecting the sanctity of life, join us and let’s champion the value of life at all levels.

KCPF Family

Family is the backbone of society. The stronger the indvidual family unit the stronger the society at large. Most of the social ills we see around are as a result of broken down family setups. The family as an institution is constantly under attack from different forces. We have a mandate to stand up for the family, are you?

Our Thematic Areas

KCPF Religion

The freedom of worship is a fundamental right of every person and any kind of infringement on it affects the very framework upon which we are founded. We believe that everyone should be allowed to express and practice their faith according to their religious customs. Are you a believer, join us in promoting an environment that allows you to practice your faith.

KCPF Governance

Leadership is an honour, a privilege and a great responsiblity. Societies rise and fall on the basis of leadership they are under. We are passionate about championing good governance that promotes ethics, integrity, justice, equity and selflessnes. We do this through engagement with stakeholders and also in policy formulation amongst others. Join us today.

Upcoming Events

Welcome to Utumishi Bora Awards 2016

Date: 4th November 2016

Venue: The Sarova Panafric Hotel, Nairobi

Time: 6pm – 9pm


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