Annual Report 2016

We live at a time when the country is facing enormous challenges in different areas that call upon individuals that know their God to rise and provide godly perspective… in coming up with solutions that will protect and steer society in the right direction. The challenges include heightened political activity in the run-up to the 2017 general elections, Abortion Campaigns, the rise in the onslaught on the Institution of the Family, growth of Secular Media, Atheism and Religious Intolerance, increased resources to support the LGBTIQ Agenda and Corruption that stems from Poor Leadership.
At the Kenya Christian Professionals Forum (KCPF), we believe that all is possible if we count on divine guidance and also play our part using the different skills and talents that we are blessed with. We continue to be on the forefront and remain steadfast in making our contribution to address the challenges facing the nation.

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