The Angaza Fundraising Dinner

The Angaza Fundraising Dinner

The Kenya Christian Professionals Forum has been very keen in influencing and participating in the implementation of the Constitution of Kenya 2010, National Laws and Policies on Life, Family, Religion, Governance and Education. KCPF has in the past played a key role in enriching in Legislative and Policy Issues such as the Family Laws: Marriage Act 2014, Matrimonial Property Act 2013, Protection Against Domestic Violence Act, No. 2 of 2015 and Policies: Reproductive health guidelines and court cases.


In the last one year, KCPF has been engaged in the following:

  • Grown partnerships with the Nairobi City County, Nationally and Internationally
  • Development of National Family Promotion and Protection Policy
  • Reviewed of Nairobi City County Childhood Education Bill 2017
  • Reviewed Nairobi City County Childcare Facilities Bill 2017
  • Held a National Family Conference, to advocate for Unity and Empower Families for Social Cohesion & National Solidarity
  • Provided technical support to church leaders on the Church Regulation Rules
  • Recognized and celebrated Christian Professionals who have made significant contributions in the society through their services.
  • Held a March for Life that continues to advocate for dignity of Human Life and promotes its preservation from Conception to Natural Death
  • Enriched the Legislative proposal for film and stage plays act CAP 222 under Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB)
  • Doctors Strike intervention
  • Comprehensive Sexuality Education, the programme on the World Starts With Me, which is age and content inappropriate



KCPF operates under fundraising to enable effective running of its noble cause of Research and Advocacy on the key thematic areas.


This year, we are involved in the following:

  • National Family Promotion and Protection Policy
  • Review of the National Community Development Policy (Ongoing)
  • Currently working with the AG’s office on the implementation of the Marriage Act to Christian Marriages.
  • Following up on the FIDA case; they went to court pro-testing the withdrawal of the Ministry of Health’s Guidelines for reducing Morbidity and Unsafe Abortion in Kenya.
  • Peace Campaign dubbed ‘Elimika Ujiinue’ to promote education as the key to peace in Kenya.
  • Developing Freedom of Worship bill
  • Developing Constitution to guide churches seeking to be registered and those existing
  • Support to Christians in the Northern Kenya


In effort to advance this cause, we are planning the second Annual Angaza Fundraising Dinner which will be held on Friday 28th July 2017 at Sarova Panafric Hotel, Nairobi from 6:00 PM-9:00PM.

Support Angaza Campaign to Empower KCPF to Serve the Community Effectively

Your presence and support will be highly appreciated



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