Angaza Dinner 2017 Report

KCPF is involved in a lot of research, advocacy, and lobbying in areas of life, family, religion and governance.

To this end, KCPF relies on Christian professionals in these fields to help it carry out its mandate.  There are resources involved in carrying out this work and we’re grateful to our members and partners for the support given over the years.

Kindly download the report on the 2017 Angaza Fundraiser Dinner and get more details.

Atheism, Cults & Christian Response Seminar

The Constitution of Kenya in Article 32(1) states that “Every person has the right to freedom of conscience, religion, thought, belief and opinion. The Religion Committee promotes and protects Religious Freedom, Christian unity. This Freedom/Right connotes (1) The right & freedom to change one’s religion; (2) The right and freedom to profess and propagate one’s faith alone and in community; and (3) The right & freedom for any religion or denomination to establish, manage and operate their own institutions without undue interference.

The committee engages on matters Faith and Reason (Including apologetics and engaging atheism). Considering the emerging growth of Cultism especially in secondary schools and Universities, and the push of Atheism agenda and activities in Kenya, a seminar on Cults, Atheism & the Christian Response was organized