Religion Committee

The Religion Committee of KCPF is involved in the following areas:

  • The promotion and protection of Religious Freedom (Article 32 of the Kenya Constitution)
  • Complementary to above is engagement with churches & umbrella groups in facilitation of dialogue with members of other faiths in the country.
  • General advancement of the Christian faith in the Kenyan society.



Currently the committee has focused on the following thematic areas – Atheism, Religious Extremism and Church & State Interaction.



  • Christian Governance Networking Forum
  • Engagement with relevant bodies on the formulation of a legal framework for governance of religious bodies.
  • Church in the North – strategizing on how to support.
  • Ecumenical Prayer Breakfast in January 2016
  • Seminar on Apologetics in October 2015.
  • Religious Extremism – strategy paper prepared in July 2015.
  • Articles – publication in Kenyan newspapers
KCPF Religion Committee