According to Article 26(1) of the Constitution of Kenya (2010), “Every person has the right to life.” Further to that, Article 26(2) adds that “The life of a person begins at conception.” In recognition of these articles and the mission of Jesus in John 10:10, KCPF continues to uphold the sanctity of life. In line with our belief that life begins at conception and ends at natural death, the Life Committee works in collaboration with other Pro-life group organizations under a consortium called Linda Uhai.

Every year on the last week of March, the consortium organizes a walk around the streets of Nairobi whose aim is to create awareness and attest to the beauty, dignity and the sanctity of human life. The choice of the date is usually timed to coincide with the universally accepted date of the Immaculate Conception which is the day when the Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary, the mother of Jesus and announced to her that she would give birth to Jesus. This is assumed to be 9 months before Christmas Day which is celebrated on December 25th. During the walk, participants carry placards with messages about the sanctity of life and highlighting the changes to life.