Our Thematic Areas

The Kenya Christian Professionals Forum (KCPF) aims to influence the following thematic areas in line with its core calling of seeing the kingdom of God grow and to influence our society. These are:

  • Life: Promote a culture of valuing and preserving sanctity of life. Also perform the policy and coordination of pro-life groups in Kenya.
  • Family: Promote the family as a key and foundation institution in society and protect it from practices, policies, values, legislation that seeks to undermine it.
  • Religion: We seek to promote and protect freedom to believe and manifest belief of the Christian faith, freedom of religious practice and religious tolerance, freedom for any religion to establish manage and operate their institutions without undue interference.
  • Governance: We seek to work on relevant legislation and stakeholders to promote leadership, good governance and integrity in society.
  • Education: Influence the education sector with value-based education and to make a compelling case to the education practitioners and education departments and stakeholders on the values imperative so as to cause changes in belief, attitudes, behavior and ethos that reflect shared values.
KCPF Religion

Since inception, we have held many events and organised forums geared towards addressing issues in the four thematic areas.

These include the Life Walk, National Family Conference, Ecumenical Prayer Breakfast, Leadership Talks and the Utumishi Bora Awards