Our Vision

A whole-some and productive Society that upholds Biblical values.

Our Mission

To promote and defend biblical values in society through research, advocacy, mentorship and witnessing

Our Objectives

  • To develop a professional resource centre for churches and para-church organizations
  • To create a moral voice in Civil Society to contend for the Christian faith and counter secularism
  • To support the development of alternative media supportive of Christian values in society
  • To influence school curriculum and training of the youth in the support for value creation and equitable human development processes and policies in Kenya
  • To train and equip leaders in support for enactment of moral values in all aspects of leadership in society
  • To influence value-based legislation, policy and governance in society

In the achievement of these objectives we are guided by the following tenets.

  • Life: promote a culture of valuing and preserving sanctity of life. Also perform the policy and coordination of pro-life groups in Kenya.
  • Family: promote the Family as a key and fundamental institution in society and protect it from practices, policies, values, legislation that seeks to undermine it.
  • Religion: promote and protect freedom to believe and manifest belief of the Christian faith, freedom of religious practice and religious tolerance, freedom for any religion to establish manage and operate their institutions without undue interference.
  • Governance: seek to work on relevant legislation and stakeholders to promote leadership, good governance and integrity in society.
  • Education: influence the education sector with value-based education so as to cause changes in belief, attitudes, behavior and ethos that reflect shared values.


The committee had a review of the Health Bill 2015 which is in parliament and raised quite a number of concerns in the bill. A memorandum was prepared on the same and Mr. Charles Kanjama an Advocate and the KCPF Vice chair made a presentation on the same in parliament.

This event was conducted to mark the International Day of The Family that was commemorated on 15th May 1994 by the United Nations. The event was organized inconjuction with the ministry of Labour Social Services and Security who sponsored and also helped in the planning and mobilization of the meeting.

The theme was article 45 of the Constitution of Kenya.

The religion committee organized an Ecumenical Breakfast on 31st January 2015 at Holy Minor Family Basilica which was officiated by his eminence Cardinal John Njue.

Utumishi Bora Awards was successfully held last year and this years event is also being planned. It is an Awards program aimed at acknowledging and appreciating exemplary christian leadership in different fields such as,
• Mentorship
• Pioneering/Innovation
• Crusading And Promotion
• Research And Writing
• Integrity
• Leadership

Support Us

We require Volunteers and Partners. Please send your brief profiles to info@kcpf.or.ke or use the contact form.

Donors and Partners willing to invest in our thematic initiatives can request for a brief proposal advise from our Secretariat, by using the form on this page.

Quick donations within Kenya, can be made through our mobile money platforms on:


Safaricom Paybill number 750407

Airtel Money number 111777


We value all our donors and partners across the globe, and commit to our values; to keep your information private, secured and act professionally in managing the resources entrusted to our care.

Thank you for your interest in our organisation.

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