One of the major highlights of the Constitution of Kenya that was promulgated in 2010 was the emphasis on integrity as an aspect of leadership at all levels of government. Chapter 6 of the constitution mentions some of the obligations of a state officer. According to Article 73(2)(c)(i), The guiding principles of leadership and integrity include, selfless service based solely on the public interest,demonstrated byhonesty in the execution of public duties. While the constitution is specific on state officers, the principle of integrity is important and necessary in whatever kind of work that one does, whether in the civil service, private sector or even in self-employment.

In an effort to point out and recognize persons who have exemplified this virtue in their places of work, the Kenya Christian Professionals Forum through the Governance and Leadership Committee has, since 2015, organized an annual award known as Utumishi Bora Awards. The ceremony, held at the end of the year, sees different Christian professionals recognized for their display of good stewardship in the areas Of Leadership, Integrity, Mentorship, Crusading & Promotion, Pioneering & Innovation and Research & Writing.