Governance Committee


A value-driven society governed by just laws; effective & responsive institutions; with responsible citizens


To support the implementation of Article 10 and Chapter 6 of the Constitution through creation of policies, research, awareness and innovative programs

 The committee objectives are:

  1. To support governance institutions in the implementation of the constitution
  2. To foster a high degree of transparency and accountability in policy processes.
  3. To develop policies and practices that espouse integrity in Christian institutions
  4. To influence the culture of the country on matters relating to this thematic area.
  5. To portray a Christian lifestyle that scares evils in society

Chapter 6 of the Constitution acknowledges Leadership and Integrity, a very virtual aspect in governance. Article 10 (2) outline National Values and Principles of Governance that bind all persons in the interpretation, development and implementation of public policy decisions in the country.

KCPF through the Governance Committee continues to be on the forefront in championing effective implementation (spirit & letter) of Chapter 6. To promote good governance and servant leadership, the committee is engaged on the following

KCPF Governance Committee


In the beginning of the year, the governance committee developed quarterly topics on leadership to be discussed by different speakers in preparation of the 2017 general elections in Kenya. The topics included:

  1. Who Should Lead? By Dr. Julius Muia
  2. Oath of Office by Mr. Fred Ojiambo
  3. Character of a Leader and its implications-Canon RoseMary Mbogo
  4. Selection Methods and Development of Leaders- November

KCPF partners with ELNET, World Vision, Source of Light Kenya and CLAD to discuss matters governance. The main objective of the partnership is to discuss common areas where the groups can collaborate to enhance a stronger Christian witness and voice for the Kenyan Church in matters governance and especially as Kenya approaches the 2017 general elections.

The committee in collaboration with KCCB/Catholic Justice and Peace Commission(CJPC),EAK, NCCK, ELNET, World Vision, Source of Light Kenya, CLAD, other churches and Christian organizations organized a breakfast meeting for Church and Christian Leaders on 31st May 2016 at the International Leadership University Hall.

The guest speaker was Dr. Oliver who discussed Kenya’s Political and Social Landscape: Opportunities for Church and Christian leaders. The breakfast meeting aimed to strategize on how the church can have one voice in addressing leadership issues, especially as Kenya approaches 2017 general elections.

Utumishi Bora Awards is an annual event which seeks to recognize individuals who have made a difference in the society. The ultimate aim being to provide a platform for Christians who have served in an exemplary manner to be celebrated and acknowledged in public by doing so, we contribute towards the implementation of Chapter 6 of the Constitution of Kenya that promotes Leadership and Integrity.



The theme of Utumishi Bora is Psalms 78-72 “And David shepherded them with Integrity of the Heart, with skillful hands he led them”.


The awards especially seek to:-

  • Honor God through His works
  • Challenge mediocrity and naivety in Christianity
  • Stir, promote and develop giftedness in churches
  • Lift and expose Christian great works in the society
  • Encourage the believers to mature their giftedness
  • Wage an indirect war against corruption, tribalism and sloth in Kenya


The categories of Nomination

  1. Mentorship
  2. Pioneering/Innovation
  3. Crusading And Promotion
  4. Research And Writing
  5. Integrity
  6. Leadership


The Basis on Which to Select such Persons

  • Major Contributions or Ultimate Sacrifice
  • Solving a biting problem (e.g. Corruption)
  • Meeting a felt Need (e.g. Unemployment)
  • Answering asked question (e.g. when is the end of slums in our towns?)
  • Expanding an existing expandable organization (e.g. NYS)
  • Introducing an idea that brings blessings to Kenya (e.g. Harambee Spirit)
  • Stopping a current calamity (e.g. Road Carnage)
  • Demonstrating an exceptional talent (e.g. sportsmanship)


Utumishi Bora Awards 2016

The 2nd Utumishi Bora Awards was held successfully at the Panafric Hotel on 4th November 2016.

brought together the nominees, their families, friends and KCPF members who came to celebrate the victory of the awardees.

In their remarks, the key guests emphasized on the need of Christian professionals to serve in an exemplary manner in the market place.
The Governor of Central Bank of Kenya, Dr. Njoroge, who was the chief guest urged all Kenyans regardless, of their faith to serve with excellence and dedication. He stated that the greatest leadership example one can give is their own example.

The winners of the 2016 awards were:

  1. Mtumishi Bora Grand Winner 2016 – Dr. Gideon Muriuki
  2. Pioneering and innovation – Mr. Maina George Mugwe
  3. Mentorship – Mr. Raphael Obonyo
  4. Crusading and promotion – Mr.Njonjo Mue
  5. Leadership – Rev. Ambrose Nyangao
  6. Research and writing – Dr. Javier Aranguren
  7. Integrity – Mr. Fred Ojiambo


Utumishi Bora Awards 2015

The first Awards was held at Sarova Panafric on 19th September 2015 organized by the committee who agreed to hold it annually with focus on different target groups of nominees. This being the first awards focused on different Christian Leaders who had exempted exemplary character of a leader in their work.

The guest speaker was Dr. Mugo Kibati who challenged the Christian professionals to show their integrity in their areas of work, he exclaimed “Why do we allow the church to fund raise when we have Christian professionals?”

From a list of 38 nominees, 7 people were awarded using the respective criteria as outlined:

  1. Grand Awardee – Pst. Simon Mbevi
  2. Pioneering/ Innovation – Mr. John Kithaka
  3. Mentorship Awardee – Mrs. Rahab Mungai
  4. Crusading and Promoting- Ms Monika Miako
  5. Leadership – Mr. John Ng’ang’a
  6. Research and writing- Prof. David Sperling
  7. Integrity Awardee- Architect Lee Gituto Karuri