Family Committee

In the implementation of Article 45 of the Constitution, the Family committee promotes the family values and protects it from practices, policies, and legislation that may try to undermine the family as the most basic unit of society.

The Family committee seeks to see a society made of strong family values to reach the highest potential God created people for.

Consortium Members of the Family Committee:

1. Ministry of East African Community Affairs, Labour and Social Protection.

2. Pearls &Treasures Trust.

3. World Youth Alliance.

4. Teen Challenge

5. International Justice Mission.

6. Tanari Trust.

7. Program for Family Development.


KCPF Family Committee


This is an annual event held to mark the International Day of The Family which was commemorated on 15th May 1994 by the United Nations.

Through the Family Committee, Kenya Christian Professionals Forum has in the past held the National Family Conference twice, in 2015 & 2016 inconjuction with the Ministry of East African Community Affairs, Labour and Social Protection, KCCB, NCCK, EAK and other consortium members.

The Committee is working with the consortium members on the National Family Promotion and Protection Policy that is being developed by the government. The committee continues to work with the Ministry of East African Community Affairs, Labour and Social Protection that is spearheading the development of the Family Policy.

The Family is the fundamental unit of society and the hope of the nation that remains as a key pillar in passing the right values from one generation to another. However, there is a major onslaught on this critical institution. The Courts continue to be used to advance this fight. KCPF has been enjoined in several cases with the specific aim of providing the Christian Perspective on these cases. We have chosen to stand and be counted however costly the engagement will entail. For instance,

Baby A case; This case involved a baby that was intersex. The mother claimed that she was denied a birth certificate due to the sex of her child or the lack of thereof.  KCPF was listed as an interested party on the same. KCPF was able to follow the case in front of Justice Lenaola with the judge concluding the case in favor of the office of the Attorney General whose position was that the sex of the child was still male or female depending on their dominant sex.

The court in its judgment said that legislation to do with establishment of a new gender called intersex would be left to parliament and that the mother of the child had not given enough evidence to show that she had indeed been denied the birth certificate. As such, KCPF was satisfied by the results of this case as no law was made introducing a new type of gender.

Kenya Christian Professionals Forum has in the past engaged on the Reproductive Health Bill and contributed highly in amendments of the Children’s Act.

The Committee participated in the reform of the Narumolo Court. There were children, who had faced abuse and were exposed to their abusers during trial. In a good court system, a child should not be exposed to the accused when they are giving a testimony.

The Chair of the Committee spoke to the Deputy Registrar of the High Court in Nairobi who then took swift action by writing a letter to the above mentioned court. The issue was resolved.

As a way of outreach to the less priviledged, the committee has in the past organized visits by the KCPF members to the following places:

  1. Hope and restoration children’s home- September 2014
  2. Kirika Home for the aged- December 2014
  3. Baby Blessings Children’s Home – August 2015