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This may be hard to wrap around our minds but all of us play a huge role in ensuring we are at peace and feel secure in whatever place we are in our country. This is becoming quite a challenge especially now that our nation is on the verge of being divided due to our political affiliations and selfish interests.

As the Kenya Christian Professionals we believe that despite all these shortcomings the fact that we are Christian professionals should be reflected in our lives whether someone is watching or not. “Sins surrounding ignorance are immense in our lives, misdoing things just because we don’t know. Fear is also among us, you can’t raise your hand to say what you want to say.” Said Dr.Gerishon Mwiti, convener Governance committee at KCPF.

This was at a public forum which was held on the 24th of November at the All Saints Cathedral the topic being “Come Let us Reason together: Isaiah 1:18” the state of our nation, matters politics. The purpose of this forum was to address the burning issues we can’t continue sweeping under the carpet and find the solutions that will make a difference not only down here but in Gods kingdom too.

Speaking at the event was Mr. Dennis Nthumbi who was a senatorial aspirant 2017,who started by acknowledging the fact that the system we have in place is contributing to the agony we have to go through during times of elections adding that democracy is a curse and hardly 50% of our population participate in elections. “How can an ignorant population choose a good leader and why are we complaining about where we are whereas as Christians we don’t want to elect Christian leaders?”

He went on to say that as Christians we should opt for theocracy as a form of government. A system by which the church rules in the name of God. As long as we don’t put God as the head of this government we will continue to wallow in the chaos of democracy.

“As a country we have spent 60 billion on elections that being 2700 per person, Rwanda being 100 and Uganda 500,”said Jennifer one of the panelists. This raises a lot of eyebrows regarding the fact that we are a country whose education and other systems that we have in place are way better than many countries we know or maybe our government is not open enough about its expenditure.

Things heated up as one of the participants pointed out that bad leadership is as a result of bad followership. This is because right is right regarding where we stand politically and even more so the tribe we come from. He urged Kenyans to major on interrogating leaders on what they have to offer instead of seeking favors in order to do what is required of them.

Despite the negativity in the atmosphere regarding our leadership and the kind of constitution we have as Kenyans, Dr.Hellen Kariuki, a senior lecturer at the University of Nairobi managed to look beyond the problems. “Our constitution is not all bad; what happened to maintaining the basics and what is it about our country that we only destroy?”

She urged us to bridge the gap between those who have and the less fortunate for this would in turn curb many issues and the perception that either of the categories have.

As things wound up, Madam Joy who is an advocate of the High Court of Kenya urged us to focus more on the law of heaven than on the law of earth. “Each one of us need to have the Bible as our moral compass,” adding that God’s kingdom can only be brought down by us as professionals who are Christians.

“Is it possible for Kenyans to dialogue without shouting at each other?” said Mrs. Ann Mbugua, the KCPF chair. These were her closing remarks, a soul searching question because it does not only apply to the politics but also in our workplace and our homes which is actually the foundation.

These are just a few of the issues that were brought up during the forum but all said and done, which is really the best system for our country?


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