Business Areas

Our Business Areas


We believe that more than One adds greater value to just One. That is why we have been partnering with several national and international organisations, who we share similar values with.



We passionately present, promote and defend our positions on freedom of Religion, Accountable Governance, Protection of the family system as God created; being the bedrock of an inclusive and just society, and Value for Life


Our Resource mobilization operations is based on a zero-based budgeting system, independent and periodic audit controls and permanent Board representation by the major Church groups in Kenya, i.e. KCCB, NCCK and EAK .



The various Board Committees and Partnering organisations, such as Executive Leadership Network, International Justice Mission, and Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, have been contributing to our Scholarships; to enhance our capacity for effective service delivery to our stakeholders.



Members are reminded of the Special General Meeting, holding in Nairobi on July 28, 2016 from 5pm prompt.

Please request for registration procedure through our email,