Dr. Julius Muia Speaker

Dr. Julius Muia

In aspect to the Country’s General Election, the CEO & Executive Secretary National Economic and Social Justice Dr. Julius Muia presented a very comprehensive statistical and interactive talk. Throughout the talk, he was guided by the 5 action points:

1:  Does Leadership Matter?

2: What the Bible Says about Leadership

3:  Kenya: The Facts and Leadership Outcomes

4:  So, What Leadership is Appropriate for Kenya?

5: The Role for Christian Professional

Authority comes from God, clearly leadership matter. Leaders have a very strategic position to bring a positive change in the society. He emphasized on the leader being motivational, objective and willing to serve. Some characteristics of good governance are; responsive, transparency, participatory, consensus oriented. Only a person out of his/her comfort zone can be an effective-oriented leader because it at times comes with harsh conditions and only a God-fearing leader can deliver transparently.

On Biblical understanding of leadership, he quoted that leadership is indeed ministry of leading others to complete the work that God has given you to do(it’s a command from God) John 8:28-29, 1st Timothy 3:1, .

“Leadership is taking responsibility for others”-quote by Oswald Sanders

Dr. Muia said that Transformational leaders are the ideal to lead a country, Kenya to development. He termed it as a process in which leaders and followers raise one another to higher levels of morality and motivation. However, anyone can influence an Organization through ideals and moral values.

In Conclusion, the speaker added that Christian professionals had a role to play to ensure quality leadership by ensuring that they educate citizens, providing servant leadership, impartial and mediation view among many other ways which Christians can weigh in politically.

As his parting shot, The PHD holder in accounts and UON alumni gave 3 powerful points on Christianity and leadership; Christians have only so much they can do to provide the best of leadership skills:

  • Human Capital is a very important input in many physical processes-And Leadership is very critical.
  • Most action is behavior-based, therefore Christians can play a very big role in shaping events due to their large numbers and the spiritual foundation.
  • Christian professionals should actively seek to understand and engage with the country’s development initiatives to be part of the transformation and not be bystanders.
  • Involvement of Christian Professional can be in the form of prayer; providing examples; teaching; policy formulation; preparation of laws; implementation; upholding high moral standards; inculcating national values; etc.
  • Christian Professional should seek strategic positions in the Legislative, Executive and Judiciary arms of government.


Plenary (18th February 2016)

Organized by the Kenya Christian Professionals Forum