That a Christian believer, who has championed himself/herself in his/her profession, a seeker, searcher and researcher, who is never satisfied with anything less than the best. An explorer of truth, which when found, sets him free from all forms of bondage. A specialist who has discovered the secret of his profession, he has become a specialist, a consultant and has ceased to be a laity and does no longer guess his work. Whatever he does is accurately investigated for durability to avoid repeat works in his profession. The repeat of civil Engineering works on our roads is works of semi- professionals.

A Christian professional is a leader with tremendous influence wherever he is found. Like a lion, wherever he lies, all other animals including the elephant, keeps a safe distant. In his presence, sinners, wicked, immoral, drunkards, corrupt and others are scared away. His glorious personality attracts beauty, integrity, quality and quantity of product. He/she will not cheat professionally, but will adhere to his professional code of ethics, oath of office and justice before God. Such is the light and salt of the earth, so desperately needed.

His faith in Jesus Christ is founded on knowledge of the scriptures, spiritual maturity and bears fruit of the spirit – love, joy, peace; long suffering, self-control and his Giftedness (Spiritual Gifts, Natural talents and Acquired skills) are developed to full stature for works of faith in the kingdom of God.

Such a believer is saturated and endowed with spiritual language, vocabulary, discernment, insight, foresight and divine authority expressed in prayers, teaching, preaching and healing. He/she cannot be an ordinary believer anywhere at any time.

But, Alas! To the astonishment, for many, this level of performance remains empty rhetoric. In practice, love of money, fame and pride of life have robbed Christian professionals, the very essence of their existence. Many Christian lawyers, doctors, engineers, architects, accountants, politicians and others have exchanged their birthrights with a meal like Esau of the bible. Most of Christian professionals have been influenced by secular professionals, to whom sin is not exceedingly sinful and have compromised their faith in; Dream Houses, SUVs, love of the flesh and pride of life.

The losses the world incurs due to Christian professionals who have belittled God is immeasurable. Consider this and review young Christian status.

Imagine the loses a Nation incurs for maintaining large army, police force, judiciary, prisons etc. due to abuse of values, despite the gains accruable through faithfulness, integrity, obedience to law  and hard work. This is the way to go at family, community and National level.


Dr. Gershon K. Mwiti
Leadership Scholar Consultant and
CEO: Leadership Institute of Kenya (LIKA)
Chairman: KCPF – Governance and Leadership Committee


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