Leadership That Can Do Things


“Kenya needs its person(s) to Stop, Look/See, Perceive, Conceive (seeing with our hearts). Do not just be an ordinary people, there is need to see the unseen, step out of the Comfort zone.

Individuals in different societal institutions; Politicians, Families… don’t stop and look; to see what others don’t see…that is why Kenya has Potholed roads, Slums, Poverty, Collapsing Buildings

Dr. Mwiti recalled Rome, a road that was built by Herod about 50years ago and it is up to date, also a road that was built by Hitler still smooth and operational.

Most people in Kenya are only seeing money; yet our roads have potholes just 6months after construction, no Integrity of service.

The money that is brought back to do the repairs could go elsewhere, for instance, to eradicate poverty, Slums, Proper walking footpaths and generally social development that would promote social justice.

Can anything good come out of Nairobi/Kenya?”


 Dr. Gershon Mwiti – a Leadership Consultant

During Governance Committee Meeting

7th December 2016